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Interested in PROMIS measures in languages other than english?

Interest in translations of PROMIS measures, particularly short forms, is increasing significantly.

PROMIS short forms are currently being used in many multinational clinical trials, as well as in several international studies led by academic investigators.

Fatigue is the most frequently requested domain, followed by Physical Function, Pain Interference and Sleep Disturbance. Interest in Sexual Function items is emerging.

Translations result from a process of forward and back-translation, multiple expert reviews, harmonization across languages, and cognitive debriefing with a sample of native speakers of the target language (linguistic validation). A universal approach to translation ensures that, whenever possible, one language version is created for multiple countries instead of country-specific versions of the same language.

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Translations in Progress

Numerous groups are currently translating selected PROMIS measures into a variety of languages including Bengali, Czech, Georgian, Hindi, Nepali, Odia, Punjabi, Romanian, Sinhala and Xhosa, to name a few.

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