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  • The PHO Mission is to improve health outcomes by developing, maintaining, improving and encouraging the application of the Patient Reported Outcomes Measurement Information System® in research and clinical practice.

  • Welcome to the PROMIS Health Organization Welcome to the PROMIS Health Organization

    The PHO is a membership organization that aims to advance the science of health outcomes assessment by promoting widespread use and adoption of PROMIS in research and clinical practice. 

    It is your important resource for using PROMIS to promote the voice of the patient in clinical care, quality improvement, and research around the world. 

    welcome new members. Join researchers and clinicians around the globe in developing, translating, validating and using PROMIS in research and clinical practice.

    Caroline Terwee, PhD
    PHO President

  • What is PROMIS? What is PROMIS?

    PROMIS® is your simple choice for measuring outcomes that matter to patients, creating value in health care. 

    It is a comprehensive measurement system of more than 300 patient-reported outcome measures of global, physical, mental, and social health for adults and children in the general population and those living with chronic conditions.

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  • 2020 PROMIS Conference 2020 PROMIS Conference

  • PROMIS Reporting Recommendations PROMIS Reporting Recommendations

    When reporting studies using PROMIS, the authors strongly encourage all PROMIS users to adhere to the new reporting recommendations developed by the HealthMeasures team to increase transparency, reproducibility, and applicability of findings in clinical practice.

    . 2020 Dec; 4: 21. 
    Published online 2020 Mar 26. doi: 10.1186/s41687-020-0176-4

    reporting checklist for HealthMeasures' patient-reported outcomes: ASCQ-Me, NeuroQoL, NIH Toolbox, and PROMIS

    Authors: Janel Hanmer, Roxanne E. Jensen, Nan Rothrock, and on behalf of the HealthMeasures Team

    Conclusion: Consistent documentation is necessary to ensure transparent and reproducible methods and support the accumulation of evidence across studies. This checklist promotes standardization and completeness in documentation for ASCQ-Me, Neuro-QoL, PROMIS, and NIH Toolbox measures.