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Meet the experts

Susan Bartlett, PhD and Clifton Bingham III, MD - Expertise: Clinical Implementation of PROMIS in Arthritis, Score Interpretation and Use in Clinical Decision Making and Patient Self-management Development

Michael Bass, MS - Expertise: PRO Software Implementation

Judy Baumhauer, MD, MPH - Expertise: Clinical Interpretation, Clinical Implementation

Adam Carle, PhD – Expertise: Measure Development, Pediatric Patient-Reported Outcomes, Psychometrics, Structural Equation Models, Longitudinal Models, Measure Selection, Score Interpretation

David Cella, PhD - Expertise: Outcomes Research, Measurement, and PROMIS Applications

Helena Correia, Lic. - Expertise: Cultural Adaption and Translation

Christopher Forrest, MD, PhD - Expertise: Pediatric Applications Of PROMIS, Learning Health Systems, Data Collection Tools

Richard Gershon, PhD - Expertise: Measure Development, Score Interpretation, Psychometrics, Data Collection Tools, Translations

Ron Hays, PhD - Expertise: Measure Development, Psychometrics

Irene Katzan, MD - Expertise: Clinical implementation in Neurological Diseases

Jin-Shei Lai, PhD - Expertise: PROMIS for Fatigue, Cognitive Function and in Pediatrics

Michelle Langer, PhD - Expertise: Measure Development, Measure Selection, Psychometrics, Score Interpretation,

Nan Rothrock, PhD - Expertise: Measure Development, Measure Selection, PRO Score Interpretation, Clinical Implementation in Orthopaedic Surgery & Oncology

Benjamin Schalet, PhD – Expertise: Measure Selection, Psychometrics, Score Interpretation, Measure Development

Lisa Shulman, MD - Expertise: Neurology, Clinical Implementation

Brennan Spiegel, MD, MSHS - Expertise: Clinical Application of PROs, Digital Health

Caroline Terwee, PhD - Expertise: Measure Selection, Translation, Validation of PROMs

Carole Tucker, PhD - Expertise: Clinical implementation in Physical Rehabilitation

Changrong Yuan, PhD, RN, FAAN - Expertise: Measure Selection, Psychometrics, Data Collection Tools, Translations, Measure