• The PHO Mission is to improve health outcomes by developing, maintaining, improving and encouraging the application of the Patient Reported Outcomes Measurement Information System® in research and clinical practice. 


  • Board of Directors Board of Directors

    Caroline Terwee, PhD

    Amsterdam University Medical Centers
    Amsterdam, Netherlands

    Vice President
    Judith Baumhauer, MD, MPH
    University of Rochester
    Rochester, New York USA

    Secretary and Treasurer
    David Cella, PhD

    Northwestern University
    Chicago, IL USA

    Sara Ahmed, PT, PhD
    McGill University
    Montreal, Quebec, Canada

    John Chaplin, PhD
    University of Gothenburg
    Gothenburg, Sweden

    Richard Gershon, PhD
    Northwestern University
    Chicago, Illinois USA

    Janel Hanmer, MD, PhD
    University of Pittsburgh
    Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania USA

    Lisa Shulman, MD
    University of Maryland
    Baltimore, Maryland USA

    David Tulsky, PhD
    University of Delaware
    Newark, Delaware USA

    Ashley Wilder Smith, PhD, MPH
    Federal Liaison (ex-officio member)
    Rockville, Maryland USA

    James Witter, MD, PhD
    Federal Liaison (ex-officio member)
    Bethesda, Maryland USA