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The PROMIs Training Workshop

Moving from PROMIS basics to advanced use
in clinical and research settings


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The PROMIS Training Workshop is an intensive learning experience that covers the basics and advanced use of the PROMIS family of measures -- what they are, the value of PROMIS in clinical practice and research, getting started, gaining buy-in, building your team, implementing PROMIS into clinical and research workflows, the importance of data, and using the scores with colleagues and patients.

What attendees said:

"Excellent examples of clinical innovations within clinical contexts and generalizable principles."

"Expert speakers presenting on innovative and boundary-pushing topics."

THANK YOU for attending the workshop! 

Your registration includes access to the recordings of both tracks through September 30 so you can watch all of the sessions on your own schedule. 

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Track 1:  The Basics of PROMIS Use in Clinical Care and Research 

Focus on how to choose which PROMIS measures to use, collection in EHRs, and integration into clinical workflow.

Target Audience:

Clinicians, Researchers, Healthcare Institutions

What to expect:

  • Introduction to IRT and CAT
  • Introduction to PROMIS - How to choose the right measures for your purpose, measurement aim, what to measure, how to measures, what do the scores mean
  • Getting institution and colleague buy-in
  • Technology options and costs (personnel, time)
  • Implement in Epic and other EHRs
  • How to integrate in clinic flow and use in the consult room
  • Clinical Interpretations

Track 2:  Advanced PROMIS Use in Clinical Care and Research

Focus on PROMIS measure use and interpretation with illustration in patient care for clinicians, in quality and outcome measurement for health system administrators, and approaches to reporting for both audiences.

Target Audience:

Clinicians, Researchers, Pharma Industry, Healthcare Institutions, Discipilines

What to Expect:

  • Reporting PROs in patient care
  • IT innovations for PROMIS reporting
  • Clinician and staff adoption of PROMIS in specialty care clinics
  • Optimizing pre- and post-clinic PRO completion for quality use
  • PROMIS for quality, value, and finance

Richard Gershon, PhD

Program Chair

Richard Gershon, PhD
Professor and Vice Chair for Research, Department of Medical Social Sciences
Northwestern University
Chicago, USA

Patricia Franklin, MD, MBA, MPH

Program Chair

Patricia Franklin, MD, MBA, MPH
Professor,  Department of Medical Social Sciences and Orthopaedic Surgery
Northwestern University
Chicago, USA

Program Co-chair

Susan Bartlett, PhD
Senior Scientist, Centre for Outcomes Research and Evaluation
McGill University Health Centre
Montreal Canada

Sara AhmedProgram Co-chair

Sara Ahmed, PT, PhD
Associate Professor, School of Physical
and Occupational Therapy
McGill University Health System
Montreal Canada

Track 1 Presenters

Sara Ahmed, PT, PhD, Associate Professor, School of  Physical and Occupational Therapy, McGill University Health Centre

Susan Bartlett, PhD, Senior Scientist: Center for Outcomes Research and Evaluation, McGill University Health Centre

Michael Bass, MS, Research Assistant Professor  Department of Medical Social Sciences, Northwestern University School of Medicine

Judith Baumhauer, MD, MPH, Professor, Department of Orthopaedics, University of Rochester Medical Center

David Cella, PhD, Chair, Professor and Chair, Department of Medical Social Sciences, Northwestern University School of Medicine

Richard Gershon, PhD, Professor and Vice Chair for Research, Department of Medical Social Sciences, Northwestern University School of Medicine

Janel Hanmer, MD, PhD, Assistant Professor of Medicine and Medical Director the UPMC Patient Reported Outcomes Center, Assistant Dean of Medical  Student Research, University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine

Allen Heinemann, PhD, Professor of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Emergency Medicine and Medical Social Sciences, Northwestern University School of Medicine

Karteek Kondabolu, MS, Epic

Michelle Langer, PhD, PROMIS/ Assessment Center API Product Manager, Department of Medical Social Sciences, Northwestern University School of Medicine

Cameron McKinney, PhD, Epic

David Tulsky, PhD, Professor of Physical Therapy,  Director, Center for Health Assessment Research  and Translation, University of Delaware

Track 2 Presenters