• The PHO Mission is to improve health outcomes by developing, maintaining, improving and encouraging the application of the Patient Reported Outcomes Measurement Information System® in research and clinical practice. 



  • PHO Primary Goals PHO Primary Goals


    1. Advance the Science of Health Outcomes Assessment

    The PHO will foster and support a community of researchers, collect PRO data for research and improvements to PROMIS®, support the addition of new domains and items to the system, test the system for new populations, and maintain scientific integrity by demonstrating reliability, validity and responsiveness.

    2.  Disseminate Standardized and Validated Health Outcome Questionnaires

    The PHO will encourage widespread PROMIS adoption by maintaining open access to all interested parties for item banks, software, and findings from research. We will provide reliable, valid, and cost-effective measurement of relevant health outcomes to the greater scientific and clinical research community and to other health care organizations.

    3.  Foster Development of New Patient-Reported Health Outcomes for Diverse Populations

    The PHO will establish a broad inventory of methods for capturing PRO data from diverse population groups. These methods will include administering both static short forms and dynamic CAT through various secured delivery platforms; these will allow for different modes of administration while reducing mode effects to maintain reliability. This goal includes developing translations.

    4.  Educate the Scientific and Clinical Communities on The Science of Patient-Reported Outcomes

    The PHO will communicate the value of PROMIS to the scientific and research community, emphasizing the performance of PROMIS instruments in terms of reliability, validity, and responsiveness compared with legacy instruments. We will increase clinical adoption by organizing and presenting PRO data that are relevant and useful to clinicians, patients, and researchers. Finally, we will contribute to re-engineering the clinical research enterprise by creating useful endpoints for clinical trials and research studies.

  • Long Term Aspirations Long Term Aspirations

    1. Developing PROMIS into a gold-standard outcome metric
    2. Achieving widespread adoption domestically and internationally
    3. Becoming part of routine clinical practice across multiple specialties
    4. ​Maintaining consistent growth to support continual improvements
    5. Remaining open, accessible, and low-cost to users
    6. Fostering a vibrant PROMIS community.
  • What is the PHO? What is the PHO?

    The PHO is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that was founded in 2008. It is an open society that welcomes members from around the world to bring the "patient's voice" to the forefront of healthcare.

    The PHO is led by a board of directors with membership opportunities open to all with an interest in PROMIS.

    The PHO board and members work to encourage the use of PROMIS by offering guidance and education on the scientific standards to promote widespread use and adoption of PROMIS.